ASCEND Conference: Creating Space for Everyone

The SENSORIA Program is a new endeavor that opens up the space sector to a more diverse cohort of potential stakeholders. Its inaugural mission, SENSORIA M1, was the first all-female mission at HI-SEAS, and the program is running its second (M2) and third (M3) missions of 2020 in November and December, respectively. The crew of SENSORIA M1 present their thoughts on the future of crewed space exploration and share highlights of the research completed they completed on their mission, from a novel crew cohesion training program, to following the evolution of microflora between the habitat and crew, to field testing equipment, developing gestural languages for use on extravehicular activity, and even considering how to ritualize death when repatriation is not an option.

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Dr. Tanya Harrison is available as a speaker for conferences and other events.