Tanya at Spacebound 2023 on CPAC

SpaceBound 2023: Earth Observation Commercial Opportunities (CPAC)

Space Canada hosts its annual conference in Ottawa, where leaders in the space industry gather to discuss how to strengthen the Canadian space sector. James Slifierz (Co-Founder and CEO of SkyWatch), Michael Carter (chief technology officer of SpaceAlpha), Tanya Harrison (CEO and director of the Earth and Planetary Institute of Canada) and Nick Kellett (founder and CEO of Deploy Solutions) discuss the commercial opportunities with satellite earth observation data. Corinne Havard moderates the panel.

Watch here: SpaceBound 2023: Earth Observation Commercial Opportunities by CPAC

2nd Annual John S. MacDonald Outer Space Lecture featuring Jan Chodas (Outer Space Institute Society)

The 2nd Annual John S. MacDonald Outer Space Lecture was hosted on September 24, 2023 at the Cecil Green Park House, UBC. Our guest speaker was Jan Chodas, former Director for Planetary Science at NASA. The event was moderated by Dr. Tanya Harrison, planetary scientist and fellow of the Outer Space Institute (OSI). The lecture and Q&A centred on Jan’s time at JPL, where she held both technical and management positions during her 40-year career there. Jan discusses the challenges and breakthroughs on both the technical and management side of science missions that she oversaw, including Juno, which remains in orbit about Jupiter, and the Europa Clipper, a mission to the Jovian moon (launch 2024). This event was sponsored by the Outer Space Institute (OSI) and MDA Space.

Watch the First “Star Trek Prodigy” with Tanya Harrison & Rico E. Anderson (Falling Tower)

A nerd, a scientist, an actor, and a planetary scientist review and react to the first episode of “Star Trek Prodigy” on Netflix. Watch the First is Falling Tower’s new podcast, where we watch, review, and share our reaction to the first (pilot) episode of our favorite and your favorite television shows. Star Trek Prodigy is now on Netflix, as of Christmas, 2023.

The Perks of Getting Personal (Medium Day 2023)

In the era of AI, connecting people with your message through writing needs to be more than just spewing Google-able facts. This talk will go over how sharing your personal story will help you to attract and retain loyal readers to make them want to read more from you through storytelling of my own experience as a scientist and science communicator. Through getting personal, you can build a reader base that will keep coming back for more, while building resiliency in your work against the threat of AI-generated content.

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