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“The Martian” (2015) feat. TANYA OF MARS, Dr. Tanya Harrison (They Came From Outer Space Podcast)

Dr. Tanya Harrison, aka @TanyaOfMars a bona fide former NASA Scientist and martian geomorphologist, answers your burning questions about our cold, red neighbor planet. Is that dust storm for real? How well did Ridley Scott represent those gullies? What about water?

We discuss Dr. Tanya’s groundbreaking work and this amazing movie.

Aired on WRIR: 11/18/21

Released in 2015 by 20th century fox, The Martian was directed by none other than Ridley Scott. Adapted by Drew Goddard from the book by Andy Weir, it stars Matt Damon as botanist Mark Watney, one of 6 intrepid astronauts collecting samples from the surface of the red planet.

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