Dr. Tanya Harrison is passionate about breaking science off the pages of papers and getting the results of research implemented in the real world. This ranges from better integrating science and industry to enhance the pace of innovation, to incorporating real science into creative projects to help inspire people of all ages to be more curious about the world. She is currently accepting clients for contract and/or fractional opportunities in a variety of fields tied to her broad experience in the space sector, including but not limited to:

  • Science strategy
  • Program development
  • Science community relations (think “Developer Relations”/”Developer Advocate,” but for scientists)
  • Business development
  • Marketing & communications
  • Proposal writing/review
  • UX research
  • Remote sensing science
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Science consulting for education & outreach projects
  • Space consulting for science fiction

Examples of ongoing and past projects are showcased below. To work with Tanya, please reach out!

“Tanya was a science advisor on the Explorer Lab—a field trip to Mars for middle school students on a real-world ‘magic school bus’. Tanya joined the IDEO design team during prototyping, and was integral in informing the game’s design. With Tanya’s input, the game enabled students to directly wrestle with real, cutting edge questions about Mars. Through Tanya’s involvement, the game gained a level of authenticity, conveying the curiosity and excitement of becoming a scientist.”

Kate Schnippering
Project Lead & Creative Technologist, IDEO, 2017-18
Executive Design Director, IDEO, 2023

Creative & Writing Projects

Spirit and Oppy
(Book by Rachel Vinciguerra)
Rover Throws a Party
(Book by Kristin L. Gray)

“I hired Tanya as…[a] subject matter expert for a series of videos in an integrated campaign I created, entitled “Proud Space Nerds”, which explained many of the complex capabilities that Honeywell Space produced in a new, engaging way for anyone to enjoy. Tanya exceeded our expectations as a partner. She brought to life our concepts and added her own flair to the project, in shoots we did across two countries, and multiple sites, including Kennedy Space Center. The Proud Space Nerds series was embraced by our internal Space team, and was liked and shared by an astounding number of external viewers to our site. Tanya helped us achieve the perfect mix of intelligent discourse and quirky enthusiasm that really nailed the spirit of our team. I can recommend Tanya as a great asset and a generous contributor. She is passionate about space, really knows her stuff and is a fantastic ambassador.”

Patty Attwell
Former Manager of Marketing Communications
Global Space Portfolio, Honeywell Aerospace

Technical & Strategic Consulting

“Working with Dr. Tanya Harrison is always a deeply insightful and creative journey, as she helps everyone see new ways to combine mixed reality technology, art, and science for larger audiences, as demonstrated for [our] “Roving Robots on the Red Planet” [showcase] at Amazon re:MARS 2019. Her visionary approach and expertise in planetary science made this intersection of art and technology an exceptional learning experience.”

Alireza Bahremand
VR Programmer, EdPlus at Arizona State University

Event Planning